Run your business on neuroscience.

In the contemporary economy, an organization's most important asset is the collective brain capacity of its personnel. More brain power equals a more valuable asset.

Choratech can enhance the performance of your employees by improving the functioning of their brains. We bring neuroscience research to the boardroom, the office, the meeting room, and the shop floor.

  • Choratech's empirically validated digital solutions improve these major cognitive skills:
  • Focus: The contemporary workplace is a busy one, with many things in the physical, social, and digital environments competing for our attention. Studies have estimated that the average adult's mind is wandering about one third of the time. By training the brain to filter out distractions and sharpen its focus on the task at hand, Choratech reduces errors and increases time-on-task, leading to more efficiency and more production per employee, per hour. All of that adds up to an improved bottom line.
  • Memory capacity: Imagine if you could improve your memory by even ten percent. Scientific studies have shown that Choratech's solutions improve short-term memory capacity by about twenty-five percent. Your people will store information more readily, forget it less easily, and retrieve it more rapidly. You'll have them at the top of their game.
  • Complex reasoning: Scientific research has shown that the cognitive training solutions employed by Choratech lead to increases in fluid intelligence, or Gf, which is the aspect of general intelligence that involves reasoning, logical inference, and problem-solving in complex environments. Yes, you read that right: we can actually make people smarter.
  • Self-regulation: Successful living requires not only control over the task environment, but control over the self: an effective brain is able to contain and direct emotions, physiological responses to stress, impulses, and social behaviors. Cognitive training increases the brain's self-regulatory capacity, leading to greater resiliency to stress, improved self-control, and better solutions to problems.

Choratech uses state-of-the-art digital tools for the assessment and enhancement of brain function. We take employees through their cognitive training step by step using personalized tele-coaching via internet and phone. Through a series of brief daily training exercises, users complete their cognitive training over the course of several weeks, with effects that last. Rigorous testing is done before and after training to document and quantify effects.

If you are interested in increasing the value of your most important asset - your brain, and the brains of your team - Contact us today.

Tips & Tricks

Reading a new book, visiting new places, trying new foods, learning to play a musical instrument, or best, learning a new language: these are all activities that promote brain fitness.