My Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness is like physical fitness – "use it or lose it" is the name of the game. By challenging diverse functions of your brain on a regular basis, you build and maintain your mental fitness.

Choratech offers a variety of cognitive training resources for people of all ages and stages of life, helping them improve core mental abilities such as focus, memory, perception, complex thinking and problem-solving skills. Although many "brain fitness" products are being marketed today, only a few of them have been subjected to rigorous scientific tests for effectiveness. Choratech focuses on making these evidence-based interventions available to you, along with personalized coaching to help you make the most of them. Through our research-validated programs, we can also help you manage stress and address mental health issues, to restore you to living life to its fullest. 

  • Better Grades: Children with attention or learning deficits benefit from fun programs that improve concentration and problem-solving, to help them reach their full potential.
  • The Cutting Edge: Our personalized training approach helps you set personal goals to enhance memory and listening skills, helping you process information and increase productivity, to gain the professional edge you need.
  • Keeping Sharp While Getting Older: Feeling forgetful or distracted lately? Our cognitive training programs will help counteract the effects of aging and bring new focus to your life.
  • Counteracting the Effects of Stress: Through our programs you can increase your body's ability to manage stress and diminish its negative impacts. 
  • Every day, neuroscience is revealing more about how our brains work. Without regular challenge and use, the brain's various capacities can lose their keenness as time goes by. In order to maintain a sharp mind, you have to exercise it!

If life's challenges are holding you back from achieving your full potential, connect with us today. We have the solutions you need to take your brain to a higher level of clarity, balance, and focus.

Tips & Tricks

Don't cram! Research shows that for maximum retention, you should expose yourself to new information in a closely spaced fashion at first, and then gradually ease off on the frequency of review as time goes on.


I found my program challenging at times but I persevered and am very happy that I did. By the end of the program I felt I had made significant improvement in my working memory and ability to remain focused and on task.